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Knysna, the ideal base from which to explore the Garden Route nestles on the shores of an estuary between indigenous forests, the Outeniqua Mountains and a rugged coastline. Beaches, lakes, mountains and rivers offer visitors an unforgettable holiday. For everyone from the very adventurous to those who prefer to relax in the sun, stroll through forests or takes scenic day drives.

The area is a Garden of Eden: home to Knysna elephants, the Knysna seahorse, Knysna dwarf chameleon, the Brenton Blue Butterfly, the pansy shell, the brilliantly colored Knysna loerie, a plethora of waterfowl and forest birds, cultivated and wild coastal oysters, dolphins, whales and so much more.

Knysna´s natural beauty and its cosmopolitan community inspire a unique creativity in artists, both local and international, making it the art and craft capital of the region Numerous galleries highlight local talent in its many unique expressions- painting, ceramics, mosaic, sculpture end metal forgery being just a few.

Enjoy the day in Knysna, stroll along historical Museums, Art Galleries, Boutiques and Shopping Malls. Alternatively, explore The Knysna Waterfront, which boasts fine vintage wine, fresh seafood, curios and much more. Shop, eat or simply sit on the quayside and watch the boats rocking on the tide.

Hiking Trails, Mountain Biking Trails, Sailing-Tours, Cultural tour, Game Safari, Monkey land and Bird Farm, Featherbed nature reserve excursion, Whale- and Dolphin watching, Elephant Park, the Ostrich Show Farm and the famous Cango Caves in Oudtshoorn, beautiful beaches in Knysna and in Plettenberg bay and much more.

It´s never-ending, there is so much to see and to do in Knysna and it’s surrounding areas.  
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